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4984Re: [Slovak-World] Unions flyer

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  • nhasior@aol.com
    Sep 1 4:56 AM
      regarding the Unions flyer calling for demonstration and strike, it makes one
      think and have to say:
      "wow, try organizing something like that in public 15 years ago. "

      I am becoming amazed at how quickly Slovakia is pushing forward. the other
      day at the A&P parking lot, a woman sitting in the car next to mine saw the
      Slovak Sokol sticker on my car window. she was English and mentioned that her
      husband was Czech. when he finished his shopping and came to the car, he saw
      the Slovak Sokol sticker, also. He actually was mad at me. A complete
      stranger. Never a word spoken between us. After glaring at me for a moment, he
      pointed to the sticker and said "Slovakia was stupid for breaking away from
      Czech" all I could think of at the time for a response was "Slovakia was drowning
      under Czech dominance". He glared a little harder and then got into his
      car, slammed his car door and that was that. So much for brotherhood. His wife
      turned to me and through the window shrugged her shoulders. I hope that not
      all of Slovakia's western neighbor feel as he did.

      It is beautiful to watch Slovakia thrive and succeed not that they are
      getting past the struggle they must go through in the present and near future. So
      will Czech. i never thought much about Slovakia's future until recently. I
      only was researching her past. Helene appropriately calls her book "Slovak

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