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  • capt jack
    Aug 5, 2003

      Went to red rock castle today, wonderful place, it contains the largest cellar in the whole country, its amassing how much excavating was done to create this cellar for storage of foods and wines. After the tour we took a ride back to Tranava and bought some good Slovak leaded crystal. Yesterday after walking around the old section of Bratislava, we walked all the way up to the castle overlooking the Danube river and the city of Bratislava, wonderful views. Wed. morning early we leave for Prague for two days, that should be an interesting trip while we try and locate some relatives on my wife's side. They are from a town a bit north of Prague almost to the border. Of course, while we are there, we also buy some Czech crystal.
      We are having a wonderful time with my relatives and I just wanted to give you an update on what has been going on in case anyone is interested.


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