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  • Jan Lan
    Jul 16, 2003
      At 06:04 PM 7/16/2003 +0200, you wrote:
      >Dear Janko,
      >What was different;
      >The difference was, that they were not known to the author, whether they
      >This is the list of identified ones.The book includes not only those, who
      >were in the States, but from all over the world.
      >The book was sent directly to a person, with request to correct any possible
      >mistakes in personal data.
      >Sale of the book was prohibited.
      >I took another look at it; some data were also obtained from the so called
      >Black lists of the Hungarian police and lists of members of different
      >patriotic societies and clubs.
      >Author divides them in three groups:
      >I did not include his signs in this listing.
      >Author also equals Narodovec = Panslav
      >So, the movement was Panslavism.
      >Author also cites a long list of his informers.
      >Author also says, that the book was finished in sept.1940, but could not be
      >published because of censorship.
      >Author is also publisher.

      Thank you. I have a much better picture now. It was a little too hazy for
      me before. I guess I'll have to read some history to see how Panslavism
      fit into the Slovak and Czechoslovak picture. I thought they had a little
      fear of the movement but maybe it was the Hungarians that feared it.

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