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4077Re: [Slovak-World] Are you an ex communist?

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  • William C. Wormuth
    Jul 7, 2003
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      During the communist rule many, many were "paper communists", who were party members , in order to obtain and hold jobs such as teacher or lawyer.

      I had relatives who were such and although we all knew we never openly discussed.

      The only time I can remember prejudice against them was if they openly participated in such things as reporting on who was attending mass on Sunday, which often resulted in those people losing their jobs.

      I had a cousin in Velke Kostol'any, who was SNB, (sheriff). When I asked him how he could you do bad things, for political reasons, to his own people, he replied that he didn't want to talk about it.

      After the fall of communism, their was little "revenge" but I do remember that some teachers were asked to leave their schools and the towns.

      There were some who went to work in the oil fields in Iraq, Iran and Libya and I was told they paid a large tax to the government.

      I remember talking to the Farkas~ family musicians, in Vienna, when they played in the Slovakia restaurant and they told me the same, that they were heavily taxed. (They were really nice to me, filled me with food and slivovica and then I sang with them until closing).

      Nothing would have or is gained by animosity toward former communists but it does bother me that the first to send their children here to schools on the exchange programs were the communists, who had the money and that the active politicians following the fall of communism were "former" communists, still dipping into the money pot.

      Most of my family refused to cooperate with them, raised their children, Catholic and attended mass regularly. As a result none were allowed higher education.

      I had my negative experiences with the secret police but luckily nothing drastic. I am only happy that Slovakia is no longer under the yoke and I am confident that our people will "catch up", with the rest of Europe.

      Vlado, I may not agree with all that you say but your contributions have enlightened us all and given us understanding of modern Slovakia. I thank you sincerely.

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