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4070Are you an ex communist?

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  • Vladimir Bohinc
    Jul 7, 2003
      Well, this question just came in from a SW member. I thought, it would be a good idea to answer in open.
      Yes I was one.
      When I was 18, the school director made me an offer I was not supposed to turn down. Although, this was in Slovenia, the method was russian. Very soon I have seen this from the inside and that made me sick. After a year, I gave back the papers.
      Slovenia,as opposed to Slovakia, which was behind the iron curtain, was more liberal. We were allowed to travel and work abroad and bring money back. Hundreds of thousands of Slovenes did that. My father did it and I did it later. My brother was working in Iran. But, the political organization, the party, the system how they worked, that was more or less the same.
      What influenced my political views was the radio. We had a very good antenna and in the evenings, Radio Paris, London, VOA and Trieste were listened. Radio Trieste even sent us a book to learn italian, which was one of my first books regarding learning foreign languages.
      My family was very catholic. My gf was playing organs in the church.My father had 11 siblings and most of them were singing in the chorus.
      Since then, I never was in any party or mass movement. I prefer to build myself my own opinion.

      It just came to my mind; this is a very good question to check your friend with.

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