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  • Frank Plichta
    Aug 5, 2014



      Mom’s family is from Dlhé nad’Cirochou previously Cziroka-Hoszumesö, Kingdom of Hungary : 

      Father = Tomás and mother = Lel’ková.

      Grandfather = Tomás and grandmother = Soltéz.

      Great-grandfather = Tomás and great-grandmother = Szolomej.

      I have been able to trace the Tomass/Tomás family in Slovakia back seven generations to Georgius Tomass b.1790 married 1810 to Maria Chasscsová b.1793


      Dad’s family is from Kosicka Bela previously Kassabéla , Austria-Hungary and earlier Belá, Kingdom of Hungary : 

      Father = Plichta and mother = Krajnik.

      Grandfather = Plihta (that is correct no “c”) and grandmother = Biros/Birosik/Hoza.  We talked about multiple names years ago.

      Great-grandfather = Plichta and great-grandmother = Lenárd.

       I have been able to trace the PLICHTA family in Slovakia back eight generations to three brothers, Andrea, George and Joannes all born sometime before 1750.  I have their marriage dates in 1759, 1766 and 1770.


      Since my surname PLICHTA is relatively uncommon in the USA approximately 800, I have been collecting any reference to the name for more than 25 years.  My PLICHTA database consists of 93 Plichta families (not yet connected together) with 3,978 individuals and 1,303 marriages.  A total of 13 generations and 1,264 different surnames.

      I use an old Version 11 of Family Tree Maker.



      Searching the world for PLICHTAs.

      Any PLICHTA from any place at any time in history.



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      From which village did your mother's Tomas~ come?  We had friends of the family (and possibly distant relatives) by that name in Male Ozorovce, not too far from Kos ~ice.

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      Yes, I’m in Galax.  I married a Galax gal and she took me home with her.

      My father was born in Kosicka-Bela in eastern Slovakia .  I have traveled there three times in the past 20 years and met all of the relatives on both dad’s side of the family as well as my mother’s “Tomas” family as well.

      I’ve been away from Slovak-World for several months.  We went to Israel in March and April and I didn’t want to deal with the emails while we were gone.  I just remembered that I needed to re-subscribe again.

      Who is your friend in Galax?  Maybe we know them.  There are only 7,000 in the city.  My wife is on Galax City Council.  We both do a significant amount of volunteer work in the community. Perhaps we have crossed paths.


      I’m still searching the world for PLICHTAs.

      Any Plichta from any place at any time in history.


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      Hi Frank,   I see you live in GAlax,   I have an old friend from Church (St. Mark Catholic)   here in Vienna ,   VA   that retired down there some years ago (maybe 15 or so!).   

      I am half Slovak and grew up and live in Vienna , VA.   I like reaching out to other Slovaks and learning more about my Heritage, etc.   where in Slovakia are you or your family from?   I'm still trying to figure that out since my parents were orphans, any ideas on how to find that out would be appreciated!






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      Frank R. Plichta

      103 Prospect Avenue

      Galax , VA 24333-3315

      Phone: 276-238-9161

      Cell:  276-233-9971




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