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34651Pittsburgh, 4/6: A Slovak Family in the Building of Its Proud Nation

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  • votrubam
    Apr 3, 2014
      The details of the talk are at the Slovak Studies Program current events page:


      Especially those who are tired of the all-too-common mantra of who the Slovaks were ("because my and my neighbor's ancestors were X, all the Slovaks were X") will appreciate the talk "From Central Europe to the U.S.: A Slovak Family in the Building of Its Proud Nation." Those who, unwittingly, fell for the folly can enjoy his talk even more. Prof. Palka's ancestors and their extended family included some of the most sophisticated and politically active Slovaks, including pre-WW II Czecho-Slovakia's Prime Minister. His family defected to the U.S. when he was little, shortly after the communist takeover.

      With the help of a U.S. university historian specialized exactly in that top Slovak-cum-Czechoslovak politician, Dr. Palka (retired from the University of Washington, Seattle) published a book about Slovak history from that perspective. He will have some copies to sell at the talk. A former U.S. Ambassador to Slovakia said about it:

      "It provides vivid portraits of courage and love of freedom and country that will resonate with anyone interested in Slovak history and Slovaks in America."

      A U.S. specialist in immigration, who carried out extensive research in Slovakia, said:

      "The book was fascinating."