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34646A few Slovak books

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  • dragansk
    Feb 15, 2014

      I rarely sell anything on eBay, but I have some duplicate Slovak items, so decided to sell a few unused books on eBay. One is "Anglictina do Vrecka," which I've never seen available in the US.  It’s a practically new 312-page English/Slovak phrase book that was published by Slovenske Pedagogicke Nakladatelstvo in Slovakia. It’s not a typical phrase book, but a more in-depth book that addresses quite a few situations as well as vocabulary.  I included scans of a few pages with the listing to show. 

      The other is a brand-new English/Slovak, Slovak/English pocket dictionary, also published by Slovenske Pedagogicke Nakladatelstvo.

      To see them on eBay, go to www.ebay.com and search “Slovak phrase book” and “Slovak dictionary” on eBay.  Actually, in addition to my two, there are quite a few Slovak educational, historical, art, music and other Slovak-related items on eBay if anyone is interested.  Just search with the word “Slovak” on the site.  I've bought my share of Slovak music, books, educational materials, flags and more there over the years.