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34629World War I in Slovakia

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  • amiak27
    Jan 16 9:06 AM
      Since it is 100 years ago this year that World War 1 started, and that Slovakia (then as part of Hungary) suffered so much during the war, I am curious what memories and small tales may have been passed down in families of those times.

      There were all the young men drafted to fight as soldiers, there were invasions as the Russians penetrated into Hungary, over the Carpathians and down the valley to Humenne. The destruction of villages, families and farms of civilians and all the soldiers. There was the great hunger during the war and a great hunger that lingered for years after the war.

      What stories have been handed down in your families?  I am just curious and hoping we can get a collection of experiences this year so we can picture what the greater happening were at that time.

      We don't have to make this a hot topic all at once, but perhaps take the year to write in and share what is remembered.