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34622Re: [Slovak-World] Rewilding Europe (and Slovakia)

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  • gergely
    Dec 18, 2013
      This really sounds scary to me.  Sierra Club in spades.
      The last thing that the struggling economies of Central Europe needs is less progress.
      Jack Gergely
      Occupied Newport News
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      Sent: Wednesday, December 18, 2013 2:01 AM
      Subject: [Slovak-World] Rewilding Europe (and Slovakia)


      It seems there is a new organization (2012) out there dedicated to "ReWilding Europe" and the "natural" corner of NE Slovakia and SE Poland seem to figure in a good part of their plans. I guess they want to take advantage of the areas of Central Europe that have reverted to nature since the wars of the last centuries along with the subsequent depopulation of the area and the ethnic cleansing of the Lemkos/Rusyn in SE Poland.

      I am following events in that area more closely these days, having taken that hike through the backbone of the area along the Carpathian crest. By mot definitions it is largely reverting  to nature, and as in most of Slovakia, there is a lot of beauty to be enjoyed.

      A good introduction is a short writeup with many links for those looking for more depth is at:


      with the selection of newsletters revealing their timeline and activities from Spain to Sweden.

      There is also an article on poles supporting the rewilding of the Carpathians at

      Poll results display huge support for rewilding in the Eastern Carpathians

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