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  • gergely
    Oct 30, 2013
      Go to where Forbes Field used to be in Oakland and you can see the Cathedral of Learning.
      Jack Gergely
      Occupied Newport News
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      What is the street address in Pittsburgh for this event?


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      cd Schedule of Events   cd

      Slovak Heritage Festival

      Sunday, November 3, 2013


      1:15          Lisa Alzo, “New Resourses for Slovak Geneologists

                      (Room 216 Cathedral of Learning)

      2:00          Susan Stafura, “Before and After:  Slovak Antique Folk Costume Doll Restoration Project”

                      (Room 213 Cathedral of Learning)


      2:30          Jan Letowski, “Between Moravia and the Mountains:  Slovak Folk Dress Traditions of Záhorie”

                         (Room 216 Cathedral of Learning)

      3:30          Martin Votruba “Sts. Cyril & Methodius 1150th Jubilee: How your Ancestors Outsmarted Germany and Gave                  Russia Its Letteяs” (Room 213 Cathedral of Learning)

      Musical Program - The Commons Room

      1:05          Opening:  Ben Sorensen (FUJARA)

      1:15          Slavjane Folk Ensemble          

      1:45          PAS ( Pittsburgh Area Slovaks)

      2:15          Ben Sorensen (FUJARA)

      2:30           The Singing Revil’ak Family

      3:05          Parade of Kroj (Slovak Folk Dress)

                      Helene Cincebeaux      

      3:20           Jozef Ivaška, Man of a Thousand Songs


      4:00          Pittsburgh Jr. Slovakians and

                      Pittsburgh Slovakians

      Contact:  Christine Metil:  slavic@...; 412-624-5906


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