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34498Re: [Slovak-World] Video about life in Slovakia

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  • Ben Sorensen
    Jun 25, 2013
      But do they??? This is showing just one segment of the population! Remember, the film aims to show this side of Slovak life-- a side of Slovak life that seems to be repeated over and over (we have nothing, there is no money, life in Slovakia is hard....) It will sound cold, but many people in Slovakia are almost professional complainers about life. I lived there- made Slovak wages- and certainly money was low. BUT, none of us were starving in my village. We could make the choice to enjoy what we did have or complain that "Slovakia is a small country, with no chance.... ved' nie sme Amerika." 

      There are Slovaks, however, who enjoy what they have and keep hope- but they were hardly the focus of this film!

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      >Ben, thanks for the link. Changes to economy bring pain to a lot of
      >people. Growing too fast leaves some people behind (even in
      >Australia there are homeless families) and when the boom finishes
      >more pain begins for those who fall off from the well paid jobs.

      Sad to see it happening in Slovakia when the mining industry closes
      and towns lose their reason for existing.


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