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34488Re: [Slovak-World] S-R is on Moderation for a While

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  • barbgolias
    Jun 17, 2013
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      I also do what you suggested but I put about 5 to 6 icky addresses that
      sit at the top and also one that sits at the bottom. Knock on wood, it seems
      to help.

      Barb Golias

      In a message dated 6/17/2013 3:49:47 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,
      lkocik@... writes:


      Thank you for your time and effort.

      This spam is aggressive, almost like a virus, but unlike a virus it's more
      of a nuisance and embarrassment.

      I tried something I read about and it seems to work.

      The spam attacks your address book and then goes through alphabeticaly
      sending itself to everyone there.

      I entered a phony address in my address book...one that would be first

      I used AAA@abctuliponxyz .com

      When the spam [virus] tries to send it, it gets stuck there and keeps
      trying,...and doesn't go any farther.

      I don't know if this really works [or if contemporary hackers are more

      I am also very cautious where I go online and what I open and/or download.

      ......Just something to consider.


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      From: "Ron" <_amiak27@..._ (mailto:amiak27@...) >
      To: _Slovak-World@yahoogroups.com_ (mailto:Slovak-World@yahoogroups.com)
      Sent: Monday, June 17, 2013 1:01:06 PM
      Subject: [Slovak-World] S-R is on Moderation for a While


      Given the various spam messages that have been hitting Slovak Roots as
      well as other Yahoo Groups, we moderators have decided to temporarily put
      Slovak Roots on Moderation.

      That means you should still FULLY engage in topics of Slovak Genealogy,
      but expect there will be some delay between your posting and the message
      showing up on S-R or being forwarded to S-R members who receive messages by

      It also means that we will delete spam messages before they are forwarded
      to the Group Page or sent on as e-mail.

      This is a temporary measure, and I cannot tell you how long it will last.
      It seems spammers have developed new methods that must be addressed
      industry wide.

      Bottom line: share your Slovak genealogy topics!

      Ron M.

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