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34463Re: [Slovak-World] Re:Help a Slovak?

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  • Vladimir Linder
    Jun 6, 2013
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      Hi Ron, I am In Slovakia as of June 20 until August 7.


      At 07:55 AM 6/6/2013, you wrote:
      >Times appear to be tough in Slovakia and Europe.
      >I have two young cousins who are new to the work
      >market, and they had to leave Eastern Slovakia
      >to find jobs in Bratislava and Prague.
      >I will be giving up a beautiful Alaska sunny
      >summer to go over into the rain and floods this
      >Saturday. I hope I bring them sunshine (all my
      >responsibility, like MacArthur returning to the Philippines!)
      >There is a 3 week refresher Slovak course on the
      >calendar and the wedding of my Goddaughter in
      >Munich right after that. Then I have to dash
      >back to Slovakia to enjoy August and practice
      >the language. I was in a seminar and two Russian
      >professors were arguing about data and its
      >meaning on Climate Change, and was able to pick
      >out "kazdy den" in one's "daily data readings".
      >Otherwise Russians speak lousy Slovak.
      >Best of luck to the mason! European masters
      >often have a sense of art in their work that we don't see in the US.
      >--- In
      >helene cincebeaux <helenezx@...> wrote:
      > >
      > > I received this sad letter from a Slovak in
      > Presov who is looking for work - can someone
      > help him? Didn't sound like a scam. He is a mason and speaks some English.
      > >
      > > helene
      > >
      > > Pekn� de� prajem. Chcel by som V�s
      > poprosi� �i nem�te, alebo neviete o
      > nejakej pr�ci. Som Jano z Pre�ova,m�m 44
      > rokov, som zdrav�, nefaj�iar a otec 4
      > det�. Viem robi� hoci�o aj dobre var�m.
      > Zosuvy p�dy mi po�kodili dom a nedostatok
      > pr�ce na Slovensku ma n�ti znovu sa vyda�
      > do sveta. Pracoval som u� v �rsku ako
      > kamen�r skoro 6 rokov. Ovl�dam trochu
      > angli�tinu,som
      > pracovit�,�estn�,zodpovedn�. Vezmem
      > �oko�vek, �o pom��e postavi� sa
      > znovu na nohy. Hoci je �anca mal�, �e
      > cudziemu �loveku odpoviete, predsa V�m
      > srde�ne �akujem a prajem v�etko dobr�. Dovi. Jano
      > >
      > > his e mail is nehnutelnosti888@...
      > >

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