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34462Re:Help a Slovak?

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  • Ron
    Jun 6, 2013
      Times appear to be tough in Slovakia and Europe. I have two young cousins who are new to the work market, and they had to leave Eastern Slovakia to find jobs in Bratislava and Prague.

      I will be giving up a beautiful Alaska sunny summer to go over into the rain and floods this Saturday. I hope I bring them sunshine (all my responsibility, like MacArthur returning to the Philippines!)

      There is a 3 week refresher Slovak course on the calendar and the wedding of my Goddaughter in Munich right after that. Then I have to dash back to Slovakia to enjoy August and practice the language. I was in a seminar and two Russian professors were arguing about data and its meaning on Climate Change, and was able to pick out "kazdy den" in one's "daily data readings". Otherwise Russians speak lousy Slovak.

      Best of luck to the mason! European masters often have a sense of art in their work that we don't see in the US.


      --- In Slovak-World@yahoogroups.com, helene cincebeaux <helenezx@...> wrote:
      > I received this sad letter from a Slovak in Presov who is looking for work - can someone help him? Didn't sound like a scam. He is a mason and speaks some English.
      > helene
      > Pekn� de� prajem. Chcel by som V�s poprosi� �i nem�te, alebo neviete o nejakej pr�ci. Som Jano z Pre�ova,m�m 44 rokov, som zdrav�, nefaj�iar a otec 4 det�. Viem robi� hoci�o aj dobre var�m. Zosuvy p�dy mi po�kodili dom a nedostatok pr�ce na Slovensku ma n�ti znovu sa vyda� do sveta. Pracoval som u� v �rsku ako kamen�r skoro 6 rokov. Ovl�dam trochu angli�tinu,som pracovit�,�estn�,zodpovedn�. Vezmem �oko�vek, �o pom��e postavi� sa znovu na nohy. Hoci je �anca mal�, �e cudziemu �loveku odpoviete, predsa V�m srde�ne �akujem a prajem v�etko dobr�. Dovi. Jano
      > his e mail is nehnutelnosti888@...
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