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  • William C. Wormuth
    Apr 3, 2013

      The Whip is called Korbac~ [Kohrr-bach].  I once watched an older friend weave a very intricate korbac~.    Monday, "get the Girls" and Tuesday "get the Boys".

      What is the meaning of this statement?  ".....  in the Slovak colony formed in the
      Czech Republic by Slovaks moving over from Slovakia after WW II."    


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      Since one of my Slovak cousins posted this at Easter time, I assume it is a turn around on the men using whips and the women tossing water .... at least that is the order I saw in the Slovak colony formed in the Czech Republic by Slovaks moving over from Slovakia after WW II. The women tossed the water, them men & boys used a woven willow whip with ribbon to ritually whip the ladies.

      But then, this should be the cartoon the one cousin from Slovakia posted, showing the water had frozen:

      Am I reading this right?


      --- In Slovak-World@yahoogroups.com, "William C. Wormuth" <senzus@...> wrote:
      > I have been reading about Slovak Easter Monday celebrations.� Most of
      > the articles mention only Monday, when the boys "whip" the girls and
      > throw water over them.� There has not been a mention of Tuesday, when
      > the girls take revenge.� Most articles call this a "MEAN" tradition, as
      > if the girls hate it and are hurt.
      > I have been in Slovakia,
      > (Zahorie region), during Holy week and Easter week and thoroughly happy
      > to experience the traditions.� Young people are so very happy and at
      > times the mothers are frustrated when the girls run away from the boys
      > and hide in the bedroom.� When found by the boys and she jumps on the
      > bed the
      > splash� the girl and bed, down through the mattress.
      > Adults
      > visit relatives and close friends.� The men carry a small imitation of
      > an old fashioned woven rug beater, with ribbons tied on it� Upon
      > entering a home they tap the women's shoulders and kiss them.� In turn
      > the woman gives them a shot of slivovica.� During my second vist, (for
      > Easter), I limited the number of visits, Ahem.... Ahem....... Then on Tuesday, I could remember Monday.� The day is "so much fun" for everyone.
      > Hope you all has a Blessed and Happy Celebration of thr Risien Christ, Jesus.
      > S Panem Bohem,
      > Vilo
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