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34382RE: [Slovak-World] Questions about Slovak Folk Music

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  • Inez Giles
    Mar 9, 2013
      Dennis, thanks for asking about the old songs. What a trip down memory
      lane! The most popular song I can remember my mother singing and
      signing with Roman Niznik's group is "Tancuj! Tancuj!" (It was part
      of every show we did when we performed at the Nationality Festival at
      the Civic Area.) The other song was "Anicka, dushica, kde si bola"
      We were from McKees Rocks - west of Pittsburgh.

      When I was in Czechoslovakia in 1977 and 1978 as part of SAS, I
      traveled a bit with friends after the sessions ended and we visited
      villages where the "village bands" were rehearsing. The bands would
      rehearse in preparation for participation in the various festivals:
      Vychodna and Detva, come to mind. One major way I believe music
      traditions spread in Slovak was at festivals.

      This is when I know I'm getting old. It seems like just yesterday..
      Thanks again for asking - Inez

      P.S. While I have your attention, so to speak, Is there anyone who
      knows anything about Slovakia's gold embroidery traditions? I don't
      want to "deconstruct" any of my pieces. So I was hoping someone would
      have a thought about this technique. It's referred to as "vysivky na
      cartu" It is gold thread embroidery worked over card board. There was
      a woman in Cifer two/three years ago who offered to sell me a plastic
      template for 100 Euros. It was just a small plastic template - but it
      did have an intricate pattern. Sigh... I thought the price really
      exorbitant at the time. Now? Now, I'm sorry I didn't purchase it. In
      any event, if you have ideas to share, please contact off-line or here
      if you like. Thanks again.

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      Subject: [Slovak-World] Questions about Slovak Folk Music

      I'm looking for input from the group on the most popular old Slovak
      folk songs that would have been known by Slovaks (especially Eastern
      Slovaks) in the early 1900s. My grandmother (b. 1907) knew a number of
      them, but I don't recall which ones. I've wondered if she learned
      these songs in Slovakia or here in the Pittsburgh area after she
      arrived in the U.S. in 1929.

      Because Slovaks in the villages likely didn't have access to radios
      since they few had electricity, how were they exposed to this popular
      folk music? Traveling musicians and folk groups, passed down from
      parents, learned in school?


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