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  • jenna-m
    Feb 15, 2013
      Thank Vilo.

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      Below are listings of holi and Holy days in Slovakia.  I have never heard of the celebration for Sväty Andrej [Sveh-tee Ahndrehee], Ondrej [Ohn-drhee].  The name day od November 30.  The celebration you mention might be Local, Regional or Byzantine.   



      Z Bohom,


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      Subject: [Slovak-World] St. Andrew's Day

      Does anyone know if anyone still "really" celebrates St. Andrew's day in Slovakia anymore? I was reading something that discussed that young women customarily did certain rituals to attract a potential future husband on this day? Anyone hear of any such stories?

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      Subject: [Slovak-World] Storm over Slovakia


      It looks like lots of trouble and heavy snow in Slovakia. One report with photos is at

      and to read the reports on that page from around Slovakia, you might go to translate.google.sk and enter the URL above in the box (set slovak to english) and press 'prelozit'.

      some samples:
      16:09 emergencies on snowy roads declared in Žilina region has 19 municipalities.

      15:49 Without electricity supply was now the 15th hour of the attack because of wet snow about 5,700 delivery points

      15:40 on Friday 8th February for calamity interrupt classes in four schools Ves - SOS Markušovský cesta 4, 16 Maple High School, Grammar School 7, 16 Maple Language School, also in Gelnica High School and Gymnasium in Krompachy.

      16:47 h on Wednesday evening, when we received the first reports of fallen trees on the road today to 12.30 pm firefighters had to fill them a total of 44 trips, especially in the district Rožňava, New Spišská Ves and Košice-around,

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