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34354Re: [Slovak-World] 1600-year-old weaving, embroidery in Poprad

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  • jenna-m
    Jan 31, 2013
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      THANKS so much for posting this! Brings back pleasant memories of stopping at that ice cream store across from the singing fountain, and walking down that main street.

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      Sorry to intrude.  But one of my Slovak co-workers sent this.  And it is very well done.


      Please forgive me for posting, since I have been told that I offer absolutely 'nothing of interest or use' & am a negative influence upon the site.

      I shall return to obscurity.

      To the rest of my old friends on SW, have a GREAT 2013!

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      Summer travelers through Poprad may be able to get an early glimpse of what archeologists describe as a unique 4-5th-century find in Europe -- remnants of tablet-woven woolen cloth, impressions of embroidery. The young Poprad Valley dweller ate lamb, veggies, but not much... more here (with links to pics):


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