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34277Re: Moderator Team Addition

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  • votrubam
    Jan 8, 2013
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      > learned about Slovaks and SLovakia because of Slovak WOrld
      > and the two forestry workers who set up the original group

      The few of us here who migrated to SK-W from a previous group that began in the infancy of the public internet (before browsers and spam) have a cautionary tale to tell -- "Slovak-L" found its demise after a number of successful years due to precisely what you talk about, Ron, non-moderation by the only person authorized to do it. Here's a potential for Slovak talk and little/no spam with more moderators:


      It may be necessary to copy and paste the URL rather than click on it. The e-mail address for the group is (there's some delay between registration and the ability to post):

      slovak-spot "at" googlegroups "dot" com

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