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  • Helen Fedor
    Jan 3, 2013
      Vilo,A dialect was my thought too, but it would be the Abov dialect, not Saris, which is spoken farther north.

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      I agree with all you say. Although it has been 3 or 4 years since my last visit in Kosice, Unlike in Bratislava, I heard no Hungarian on the streets.

      This city is very beautiful and even before the rework of the main square was beautiful. The rework is exquisite and it was sad that the Romi caused international problems when they were moved to the outskirts because of the work.

      It is unfortunate that the guide gave such false info. David, could it be possible that he meant to say the Saris dialect was the reason these people could not understand?

      Z Bohom,



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      > Our interpreter made it clear to us that the street language

      > of Kosice is Hungarian.

      Given that 2.65 percent of the population of Kosice called themselves Hungarian in the 2011 Census, that tiny number of people would have to be swarming around your guide 24-7 for him/her to conjure up such a claim. Unless your guide was deranged, s/he must have been speaking about the distant past at that point. Practically no one can speak Hungarian in Kosice today according to the data on language use in Slovakia, several more times "Kosicers" speak German or/and English, but they're not the city's "street languages," either.


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