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34225Judicial Corruption in Slovakia

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  • Ron
    Dec 10 4:32 PM
      We had several postings earlier this year on Judicial Corruption in Slovakia and I just ran across a later report on the same topic. A Google search revealed a longer article and a movie that "A delicate blonde woman with the squeaky voice of a child.." put together and is available on the internet.
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      The crooked judges of Slovakia
      19 November 2012
      Respekt Prague

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      Almost a year after the so-called "Gorilla" file lifted the lid on corruption in Slovakia, a new documentary reveals a Slovak judiciary controlled by a clique of unscrupulous judges ready to thwart those who resist them. Its director, Zuzana Piussi now faces up to two years in prison.

      The Slovak judiciary is run by a group of judges who treat the justice system as a milk cow and rule favourably for "mafia groups". Some 70 percent no longer trust it. Even the current Minister of Justice TomᚠBorec says that confidence in the system "could not be worse." The assessment of the World Economic Forum, which puts Slovak law enforcement at 140th place among 144 countries, is also crushing.

      and the URL to the movie "Disease of the Third Power"


      The rest of the write up is at
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      --- In Slovak-World@yahoogroups.com, "votrubam" <votrubam@...> wrote:
      > "[Send] Gorillas behind bars" says the poster on the left:
      > <http://tinyurl.com/6t9jpos>
      > ... and the one on the right, referring to politicians, adds ironically "We [gorillas] are a protected species." Several thousand people attended a protest rally this Friday that moved from SNP Square (above) in Bratislava to the Parliament building and pelted the entrance area with bananas and eggs:
      > <http://tinyurl.com/7bkmlxr>
      > A scandal after leaks from secret police investigations of political corruption has been the main topic of media reports and online discussions in Slovakia for several weeks now. The SIS (Slovakia's CIA+FBI in one) report, code-named "Gorilla," was apparently known to politicians for ca. 5 years, but nothing happened until someone posted it online.
      > As opposed to news in the style of collapsed roof reports, non-Slovak media didn't pick up on the substantial matter in the Slovaks' lives that's been developing for weeks. The Economist has now broken the silence for those who read English:
      > <http://tinyurl.com/6tuxk8f>
      > Martin
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