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34213Chose a Restoration in Slovakia

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  • Ron
    Nov 28, 2012
      Lifting an idea from the Ruysn forum, we have an opportunity to vote for which restoration a Slovak bank will support. You must vote before November 30.

      > The Highlands VUB bank is offering a substantial amount of money to help restore a historic building. They are currently running a competition for the public to choose between 6 old fortresses.

      To vote:
      > 1) Got to http://www.vub.sk/brany/
      > 2) On the left hand side there is a green box with the title "za Hlasujte svojubránu \" (Vote for your gateway!),
      > 3) There is a list of 6 choices.

      Sp. Kapitula
      Banska Stiavnica

      4) You have two ways to vote: On the green tab, chose the button of your gate and click on the brown button below. Alternatively, you can chose by the picture and click on the brown button under your choice.

      * * * *

      My own choice was for Spisska Kapitula, since that is close to my ancestral lands and thus carries more of the local history for me.

      On the other hand, the Hungarians who sent out the original solicitation chose to use the Hungarian spelling of Komarno (H. Komarom) rather than the current Slovak name. That impresses me as colonial, as using Peking instead of Beijing today.

      However, their presentation:

      > The Hungarian genealogy society is campaigning to have the Komarom Leopold Gate chosen. Noteworthy because it resisted invasions from both the Turks and the Austrian army.
      > They need 4000 votes to win. If we all vote we have a good chance of
      contributing to preserving a vital part of the Carpathian heritage. The competition closes 30th November.