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34211Re: You'll be more rational when you learn Slovak

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  • votrubam
    Nov 25 8:58 PM
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      > Slovak Language (Elementary) classes at Univ. of Pittsburgh
      > available online perchance?

      No, Paul, we don't have online classes. I was informed about the existence of this online course by its designers some time ago:


      But I do not know anyone who has had experience with it (I recall a few SK-W members planning to check it out in the past).

      Perhaps because online language classes haven't been around for long, I haven't met anyone who's acquired at least quite basic communicative skills that way in any language so far (meaning beyond a few courtesy phrases and lists of nouns with no ability to understand answers to memorized questions). But I wouldn't be surprised if there were other reasons for that. It's probably not that far from teaching yourself a foreign language, which is an enormous endeavor, especially if the language is quite unlike something we already speak.

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