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  • Susan Durisek
    Nov 23, 2012
      aj ja

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      Subject: [Slovak-World] Re: Re em...imm discussion

      > How do we determine if something that works for us and others

      Only for some of us and only for some others. The sources are books on language use, usage by respected writers, whatever someone may remember from 50 years ago, frequency, etc. E.g., parts of how language works is based on parallelism, _emigrate/immigrate_ and _export/import_ are powerful parallels, as is _an immigrant from/immigrate from_. But indeed, people have various beliefs and preferences about the language they use.

      The problem kicks in when someone begins to publicly criticize others about their usage, which was the only starting point here. Without that, there is no problem with whether anyone avoids saying _emigrate to_, or does say so. SK-W is about Slovakia-related issues, not about changing someone's use of the English language.

      Dat is all I vill heff too sai about dis.


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