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34200Re: Emigration to AUSTRALIA

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  • votrubam
    Nov 23 10:48 AM
      > The way I learned it

      Things are said that ain't so, and some repeat them without considering whether they're true. By the same "logic," it would also be incorrect to say:

      imported from Brazil
      invaded from the west
      imposed from overseas
      inserted from below

      ... "because the Latin prefixes mean 'into,' so you cannot say 'from where' with them."

      That is certainly not the case. The thing with emigrate/immigrate and the English prepositions from and in is one of a number of inventions some repeat about how language works. The fact that something is repeated does not make it true.

      Should Latin be an argument (it ain't), then the authors who wrote what's below would not have known their Latin:

      ... trans mare mediterraneum emigrarit in regiones Europaeas vel Africanas.

      ... emigravit in coelestem patriam.

      ... emigrarent in exteram regionem.

      Joannes Morus ... satis in terra jam se moratum ratus, lubens emigravit in coelum.

      Variae Saxonum Coloniae emigrarint in Marchiam subactam.

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