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34166Exchange-rate purchasing powers

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  • votrubam
    Oct 31, 2012
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      The German marketing research group, gfk-geomarketing.de, has released its 2012 data on per-capita purchasing power in Europe. The comparison is based on exchange rates, not on local prices, so it is more representative of how wealthy each country's inhabitants are when they travel abroad than how much they can buy at home (in a nutshell, the Slovaks can buy more and the Swiss can buy less in their own countries than what's the difference between the numbers below).

      Here's Central Europe by comparison to the Slovaks' per-capita purchasing power represented as 100 percent:

      412 Swiss
      268 Austrians
      260 Germans
      100 Slovaks
      _97 Czechs
      _75 Poles
      _63 Hungarians

      In this comparison and excluding city-sized countries, the Slovaks' and Czechs' purchasing power is comparable to that of the Portuguese and not far below the Greeks and Slovenians. The wealthiest Europeans are the Norwegians with the Swiss not far behind, the poorest are the Belarusians, Kosovars, and Moldovans.