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  • Ron
    Oct 11, 2012
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      Thanks Tonya,

      It is good to get a comprehensive commentary!


      --- In Slovak-World@yahoogroups.com, Tonya Harmon <tharmon63@...> wrote:
      > Ron, I've been reading up on this subject for the past 3 years. Not a lot> has been written in English about it, at least not a lot that has been well> written and comprehensive. I also have a video documentary on the subject> done a few years ago. I've blogged about it myself.
      > I have a keen interest in the topic because my great grandfather was a POW> in Russia and he fought in the Czechoslovak Legion there; he ended up> walking home across Siberia for 6 months in 1920. In fact, in both the> video and in Joan's book is a picture of him that I found to my surprise.
      > When I showed it to my great uncle, his memories came flooding back of his> father's stories of the Trans Siberian Railroad and how he rigged a boxcar> to be a bakery.
      > Joan's book is the best book I have read on the topic by far. She is an> excellent writer, and tells the story in a very enjoyable and well> structured way. It's a complex topic and she manages to make it
      > understandable. Many books can get bogged down with footnotes and
      > complicated names and events that influenced the legion, and she handles> all that very elegantly.
      > I cannot recommend it highly enough, and I wish I had written the book> myself!
      > Tonya
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      > Tonya Harmon
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