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  • votrubam
    Oct 10, 2012
      > Do the little ones grow to full size over the summer and
      > eventually go out and get their own food over time?

      Instead of "leave," it would have been clearer to say "never abandon": the young swallows/martins do fly out of the nest and feed on their own soon, but -- unlike many other birds -- the parents as well as the young ones always come back to their nest (which gets pretty crowded) for the night, sometimes to rest during the day and stay in when it rains, until they leave in the fall. The young ones begin to breed when they return the next year and build their own nests.

      > Do you know how the Slovak government handled the rewriting
      > of Slovak history after the fall of communism? I'm curious
      > as to how the material in print today was chosen. Who chose
      > it, and how long did it take to get into print?

      Rather poorly. Textbooks are commissioned by the Ministry of Education for the whole country, it took more than a decade to replace the old ones. One of the problems was that there were no experts who would have done, or could have done, sufficient amount of independent research into the "prohibited" period to churn out new textbooks fast. And partly, historians, especially those paying some attention to those periods, were among the groups of people more subservient to the Communists (and often Communist Party members themselves).

      The two aspects of it generated each other, so to say. If someone wanted to stir really far away from the Communist doctrine, s/he might avoid studying history altogether, and if in history, the person would stir away from Central European history of the 20th century. And if someone didn't, s/he probably was someone who wanted to tout the Communist doctrine (meaning, why -- otherwise -- would you want to "study" a period if you realized you'd be obligated only to "discover" and publish lies).

      So it took years after the collapse of communism for the historians, especially the maturing generation, to learn and digest the early 20th century, the textbooks came after that.

      The current "black hole" is the teaching of history under communism.

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