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33666Common cancers affecting women

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  • fatafeat_groups@yahoo.com
    Aug 1, 2012
      One of the augmented concerns for medical science is that more and more
      women are being diagnosed with Cancer every year. The most common cancer
      in women is breast cancer. The others are lung and bronchus cancers,
      Colon and rectal cancers, uterine cancer and Non-Hodgkin lymphoma

      Early cancer diagnosis
      Family medical history of cancer leads to occurrence of cancer. Along
      with this your environment and lifestyle also affects the chances of
      occurrence in you. You cannot alter your family medical history and very
      few environmental factors can be controlled. But you can definitely make
      some wise alteration to your lifestyle choices. These are weight, diet,
      smoking, and activity level. In order to fight cancer you should be
      aware of all these cancer types. This article will focus on these 5 top
      cancers affecting womenÂ… for details:

      Visit our website: http://torabtoday.com/common-cancers-affecting-women/

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