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  • Inez Giles
    Jul 1, 2012
      Helen, hi, interesting you mention ULUV. During a meeting two weeks
      ago, the ULUV museum director shared there was a KROJE exhibit at the
      Myjava folk festival. Ever the mad kroje person, I made arrangements
      to visit the festival and saw not an exhibit of kroje but rather the
      exhibit of kroje pictures ULUV has compiled. Of course I was a bit
      disappointed but the pictures were still very interesting. I think
      these might be the kroje documentation to which you referred?

      I think ULUV has the photos assembled. I just cannot find any record
      they have published them. If you have additional questions, contact
      Dr. Zorka Wagner. She’s the ULUV librarian. She can be reached at
      library@... - Inez

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      Vilo,Have the two men been in contact with UL'UV? If I'm not
      mistaken, they planned to do a survey and document all the kroje in
      the country. About 30 years ago, I was allowed to take photos of the
      drawings they'd made of the traditional kroje in my two ancestral
      villages (women's warm weather everyday, men's wintertime overcoats,
      etc.). I don't know if they ever published the materials as a book or
      series of books, but maybe they could see the original materials. H
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      It is sad and the same thing is occurring in Slovakia. In "My Town",
      Kúty, Zahorie, Western Slovakia

      In January, I received emails from two men, Richard Drs~ka Drrrsh-kah]
      and Filip Hus~t'ava [Huhshtya-vah], requesting Photos of original
      kroje and other historical info from our immegrants here in Johnstown,
      NY. Their intention is to preserve them, locally in a yet to be built
      museum. Richard is employed in the Zahorie muzeum in Skalica
      [Skahlee-tsah]. They are working with people from Moravia who are
      expert in Kroje making and preservation.

      On Thursday, I was reading news from our kuty.sk site and saw that
      Filip has scheduled a gathering of youth, to teach our traditional
      Polka and Waltz waltz. He wants them to be prepared for dancing
      during our Hody [Hoh-dee] the yearly celebration of the consecration
      of our church, (ST. Josephs), held on the weekend closest to the feast
      of Our Lady of Snows, (Panenka Maria Sniez~u) (August 5th).

      I hope that this preservation work will occur in communities all over
      Slovakia, preserving our beautiful cultural heritage.

      Barbara, you are to be commended for your contributions and I would
      suggest you let the kids know how hurt your feelings are.

      S Panem Bohom,


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      Subject: [Slovak-World] SLOVAK HERITAGE

      All my ancestors are from Slovakia,I am second and third generation
      american. I have 4 sisters we do live far apart. I have 6 grown
      children. We grew up with Christmas and Easter Slovak traditions and
      food alike through out the year. I have raised my children with the
      traditions and the food in which I still make today. I have never been
      to Slovakia finances set me back from going.But I love to draw and
      have drawn many a scenery from pictures of Slovakia. I also listen to
      Slovak folk music and do much embroidery.I even made an heirloom
      wallhanging of the villages and pictures of the ancestors. My next
      attempt is to try Pysanky eggs. I have taught my daughters to
      cook,sew,other various crafts, housekeep,garden. I do have many
      documents of my ancestors including a 1857 book in the Czech language
      "Life of Jesus Christ" that my great grandfather brought here. What
      bothers me is that none of my children are interested in our heritage
      as well as my sisters.

      And I live here in rural Kentucky so not too many people care
      either.Can anyone give me some suggestions. I love my heritage and I
      think it is important it has such a beautiful culture and I am afraid
      that it is dying out in this family.

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