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  • Ron
    Jun 11, 2012
      > > deaths due to famine, during a particularly difficult
      > > time--and wondered how that happened

      I believe it was two years ago that the Poprad River valley flooded so badly. I visited later that summer and there was a total crop failure in
      some of the villages. It is easy to imagine that 100 or 150 years ago that would have been a famine year with deaths and emigration to flee the famine.

      I also just learned that the same flood damaged the train track heading into Poland, so that for some time all reail traffic was routed through Medzilaborce and the Lupkow Tunnel. Having looked at that, if it were built today instead of 1875 I believe it would be a large cut in the mountain pass instead of a tunnel. Economics and economics of construction change with time, as we have seen in our own country.

      PS. I will add my thanks for your comments, Martin
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