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33524RE: [Slovak-World] Translation of Latin Word mendicus

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  • Plichta
    Jun 8, 2012
      Beggars are everywhere in Slovakia today.

      During my travels to Slovakia, I have seen numerous beggars kneeling on the
      sidewalks with their hand open in their laps begging for money. Under
      Slovak law they are not permitted to ask but may only indicate that they are
      begging by their outstretched hands.



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      On Slovak-Roots, there was a request for translation of the Latin word
      mendicus, found in church records. It translates in dictionaries as beggar
      but I found in the Google translator it is alsopauper.

      Thebeggarterm, gave the wrong picture of our people during those hard times,
      making people believe that they did not help each other. especially in small
      villages and towns where everyone knew each other. The only time I heard
      the story of beggars, it was about Romi, who often begged for food.

      I was wondering if anyone here has heard stories about beggars>

      Z Bohom,



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