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33408RE: [Slovak-World] Press freedom

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  • Armata, Joseph R
    May 8, 2012
      Martin, I found references on the net to the Czech filling out Jedi Knight as their religion - is that what you meant, or did they also fill it out as their ethnicity? (Or is that all the same on the census forms?)

      Also, was Slovak ethnicity given as Slovensky or Slovacky? And is it possible to tell whether people meant belonging to the region called Moravian Slovakia, or belonging to the country of Slovakia?


      In the 2011 Czech Census, 630,897 people gave their ethnicity as "Moravian." Out of those, ca. 99,000 also listed "Czech" ethnicity, 4,600 "Silesian" ethnicity, and 1,650 "Slovak" ethnicity -- along with their "Moravian" ethnicity.

      BTW, 15,070 people declared their ethnicity as "Jedi Knights" (of Star Wars fame) in the same Czech Census, which was more than the people willing to call themselves "Roma" in the Czech R. in that census.

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