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3325Slovak Borders

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  • jarmata@gsphdean.gsph.pitt.edu
    May 31 3:28 PM
      Martin (or someone else knowledgeable!), speaking of Slovak
      borders, from what I've read, the section of Spis north of the
      Hornad and Vah was ruled by Poland from the 11th century until
      sometime in the 12th century, when Hungary acquired part of it,
      and then later in 1312 the area around Stara Lubovna was
      transferred from Poland to Hungary as well and joined to Spis
      (before then it was not part of Spis). Do you know the year in
      the 1100s when Hungary moved the border north from the
      Hornad/Vah? I've been unable to find it except that it happened
      under the Polish King Boleslaw the Wrymouthed (love those old
      names!), who ruled from 1102-1138.

      Joe the Nearsighted
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