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33206RE: [Slovak-World] Easter Monday - downpours forecast

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  • Inez Giles
    Apr 9, 2012
      Ben, I need to ask, FUN for whom?

      It's early April, could be March, I forget the Easter date last year. One guy has a wool coat. The other guys have wool vests. The young girl is in a cotton shirt and skirt and she's wet, very wet. I was thinking as I watched the video, she's an awfully good sport. Then she dries off and changes, everyone sings and toasts to good health and then she's dragged outside and more buckets of water are thrown on her. Soggy jeans. Nope, not my idea of fun.

      Hear me, please. I am not JUDGING anyone. I understand I bring the sensibilities of a 60 year old American woman to the discussion. My initial thought was those guys are fools. She's going to be making their food at some future point – and paybacks are he**. But then – I'm a 60 year old American woman who learned to play hardball in the boardroom. <smile>

      Before I begin plotting my *fun* response, I want to learn more about the tradition. When did this tradition begin? What are the beliefs that underpin this tradition? I'm waiting to read Allan Stevo's installment and looking forward to learning more. – Inez, sitting in her dry clothes and thinking this is one tradition I would rather read about than experience…

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      :-) When I played with Vagonar, I discovered that the most cruel, and well... FUN oblievacky and sibacky were with folkloristi. :-)

      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SKYzl5EsoPE <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SKYzl5EsoPE&feature=related> &feature=related

      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RaTYi2uL7D0 <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RaTYi2uL7D0&feature=related> &feature=related

      This is that OTHER side of folklore... but as Martin showed, it ain't just folkloristi who go out and do this.
      And to think that many people have the day off just for this craziness. If I could do it here in the USA without the neighbors calling the cops, heck... I WOULD. :-)

      PS: I actually chose these so that Chuck would like the soundtrack... :-)

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      Subject: [Slovak-World] Easter Monday - downpours forecast

      Now that it's Monday in Slovakia, these are some of the things that happen. Fast-edited for the 21st century with a soundtrack Chuck won't enjoy:


      Not always just the boys, the daughter is part of the conspiracy against Mum, too:


      If I got it, why not you? The girl shooting the video says at the beginning, "Giggle, giggle, what can you do, I was [nicely] dressed, too.":


      And in order to prevent the stairwell and apartment doorways from being drenched, these girls in a high-rise part of Poprad, Spis County, were chased out and filmed by their families, knowing what was to come:



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