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  • gergely
    Mar 9, 2012
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      Both of my Grandfathers were involved in that one. Vaguely remember stories of the families being thrown out of company houses and Grandma (can't remember which one) being upset because her scissors were broken when they threw their belongings out on the street.

      Jack Gergely
      Newport News

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      +Memory Eternal for all those who were killed.

      Sadly, the modern day "goons" are the ones runing the unions.

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      On March 9, 1912, the Westmoreland County (Pa.) Coal Strike known in history as the "Slovak strike" because some 70 percent of the 15,000 strikers were Slovakian immigrants began and continued for nearly 16 months before ending in defeat for the Slovak-American workers. Sixteen miners and family members were killed during the strike by company goons.


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