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32945Re: [Slovak-World] Re: Paczki Donuts & Kolacky

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  • Joe Armata
    Feb 22, 2012
      And Vilo's apple buchta is really delicious! Vilo, is that recipe a
      family secret, or would you share it?


      > Zahorie: Buchta is a loaf made by rolling the dough spread filling,
      > roll, seal and bake, some put posipka on top after painting with egg.
      > Drobne are the pastries you are calling kolac~e. Some people use the
      > term Kolac~ky, (we are near the Moravian border), but most drobne.
      > Plechove is made by flattening the dough in a raised side cookie
      > sheet, spread with filling, spread posipka on top, paint the bare
      > edges with beaten egg and bake.
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