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32840Who Do You Think You Are - Martin Sheen

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  • Joe Armata
    Feb 4, 2012
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      The first episode of Who Do You Think You Are featured Martin Sheen
      discovering that his ggggGrandfather Don Diego on one branch of his
      family tree was a judge who prosecuted his ggggGrandmother Antonia on
      another branch. This was presented as astonishing and remarkable.

      Actually, as I think about it, it's probably very common. If each
      generation included 4 children, all of them reproducing, by the time it
      got down to Martin Sheen's parents' generation, there'd be over 1,000
      descendants each for Diego and Antonia. That's a lot of possible matches
      between the two lines.

      Add in that Don Diego was a judge, and must have prosecuted many
      hundreds if not thousands of people during his career, then the pool of
      descendants from everyone Diego ever prosecuted must have been
      astronomical in Martin Sheen's parents' time. It seems to me that many
      (even most?) people descended from Don Diego would be able to trace a
      branch back to someone he prosecuted.

      Am I thinking straight here?

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