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  • Inez Giles
    Nov 3, 2011
      I think the page link cannot be found on MY page. But if you try to access the page from Martin's page – the original link will be active - I

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      page in link 'cannot be found.'

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      Martin, thanks for all of the background information!

      For all of the Slovak-World members in and around the Pittsburgh area,
      mark your calendars for December 3 and make plans to enjoy the show. -

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      > If you find you have an opportunity to see the 2011
      > Duquesne University Tamburitzan program performed - GO!
      > They have the strongest Slovak segment I have ever seen.

      The next Tamburitzan show in the Pittsburgh area will be at West
      Mifflin Area High School (just above Kennywood Park) on Saturday, Dec.
      3, at 3 p.m.

      > I understand they are working with someone who
      > choreographed and/or worked with Sluk.

      The Tamburitzan Slovak dance set, from the Tatras region, was
      developed by Juraj Adamik from Bratislava, a PhD student in biology at
      Duquesne and a former Tamburitzan.

      Juraj does come from a SLUK heritage -- his mother, Adriana Adamikova,
      was a prime dancer, as were two of his grandparents. Since 1949, SLUK
      has been the largest and best known professional folk music and dance
      ensemble in Slovakia, fully sponsored by the government under
      communism. Here's a clip from the 1953 blockbuster "Native Country"
      (Rodna zem), in which SLUK played a key role.


      > Their costumes are Zdiar and the choreography is superb!

      Juraj's mother assisted him in developing the set ("Pictures from the
      Tatra Foothills" -- "Obrazy spod Tatier"), and she created the
      costumes last year. She is a recognized seamstress, she does the
      wardrobe for the Slovak popstar Kristina, of the "Horehronie" song
      fame. Adriana has been helping the Tamburitzans with costumes for over
      three years now.

      > The other joyful news is they had a student PLAYING the fujara.
      > Usually the musician gives the opening cascade and that's that.
      > This young man P-L-A-Y-E-D the fujara for a full four minutes
      > to introduce the set.

      He was John Harbist from the Pittsburgh area, currently a sophomore at
      Duquesne University.


      > The rest of the show was wonderful too.

      The musical arrangement for the Tamburitzan orchestra, based on the
      music of the composer, Svetozar Stracina, and SLUK, was by Susan
      "Zuzka" Stafura (Head of Tamburitzans Wardrobe and Resources, and a
      dedicated student of Slovak).


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