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  • votrubam
    Oct 10, 2011
      > incorrect and corrections would be appreciated.

      Only because you ask, Vilko, and comments rather than corrections.

      > Following the fall of communism, the Czech government used
      > funds from the "west", to rebuild their (Bohemian), portion
      > of the businesses and infrastructure and VERY LITTLE for
      > Moravia or Slovakia.

      There wasn't too much time for that given that Czecho-Slovakia split barely 3 years after the collapse of communism, and it wasn't so much using Western funds as Western investment going mainly to Prague as a result of the Western investors' own decisions.

      Regardless, I agree with the essence of what you say. The main thing is that it didn't used to be so much "the Czechs against everyone else." It was Pragocentrism -- of which Bratislavacentrism has been a carbon copy since the Slovak and Czech separation. Look at the distribution of per-capita purchasing power in Slovakia 20 years after the collapse of communism and 18 years after the separation:


      There's no difference between what Prague was doing to Czecho-Slovakia and what Bratislava has been doing to Slovakia. Still practically no freeways in eastern Slovakia, no stimulus for easy fast-internet access all over the country as a key infrastructure element of modern wealth, no... no... you name it, it's in Bratislava and the environs, but not "out there."

      So, rather than phrasing the past situation as the doings of the "Czechs" in general, what we saw and see is the self-centerdness of the capitals, be it Czech Prague then or Slovak Bratislava now, and their substantial ignorance of the countries they govern.

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