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  • William C. Wormuth
    Oct 10, 2011

      I agree with you.  I believe the problem was purely political.  

      Following the fall of communism, the Czech government used funds from the "west", to rebuild their (Bohemian), portion of the businesses and infrastructure and VERY LITTLE for Moravia or Slovakia.

      As I remember the government paid no attention to the complaints until just before the split.

      I can still remember going to Brno and seeing how run-down the city was as well as Bratislava and Kos~ice.

      I have never had much contact with Czech people, except 4 "run-aways", I sponsored and cared for Before the fall of communism.

      Moravians, with whom I had considerable contact with always spoke of Slovaks as their brothers.

      Martin, some of the above paragraph, Following...., might be incorrect and corrections would be appreciated.

      Z Bohom,


      From: votrubam <votrubam@...>
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      Subject: [Slovak-World] Re: Best countries for business

      > To them, the animosity is largely a thing of the past.
      > Perhaps it's a regional thing and more alive in rural areas.

      There wasn't much animosity to begin with, that was more common among some Slovak-Americans than among the Slovaks in Slovakia.

      Shortly before the split of Czecho-Slovakia, for instance, almost exactly the same percentage of both the Slovaks and Czechs were for the separation (41 and 46, respectively) and against it (46 and 45).

      Annual opinion polls in the Czech Republic asking people about their attitudes to other nations always placed the Slovaks at the top as the Czechs' most favored nation in the world, and the about half a dozen similar polls in Slovakia have shown exactly the same.

      In one of the polls in Slovakia that happened to also ask about "foreign Slovaks" (a concept that includes Slovak-Americans), 82 percent Slovaks said they liked the Czechs, 3 percent said they disliked them, the rest didn't care either way, while the respective percentages for "foreign Slovaks" were 70 and 5.

      The Slovak--Czech attitudes are similar to the American--Canadian attitudes. There are jokes, etc., but there is hardly any real animosity between them, quite the contrary -- people feel relatively close to each other.


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