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32286Re: Best countries for business

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  • Karen
    Oct 10, 2011
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      --- In Slovak-World@yahoogroups.com, Lubos Brieda <lbrieda@...> wrote:
      > I second this. There is a number of advertisements all over Slovakia along the lines of "[Some XYZ Slovak product], so good even Czechs like it". It's bit unfortunate.

      I find this rather shocking. Personally, a slogan like this would steer me right towards their competitor. To my grandmother's generation, it was a great insult to be called Czech but I always thought of it like if someone suddenly forced me and my neighbor to live in the same house. Our differences would certainly cause tension. I'm second generation American so clearly my perspective is different but I did discuss this subject with my cousins in Bratislava not too long ago. To them, the animosity is largely a thing of the past. Perhaps it's a regional thing and more alive in rural areas.
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