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32248Re: Video on Chimney Cakes

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  • votrubam
    Oct 3, 2011
      > not listening.

      Yes, it was so new in Szczawnica, Poland, when the video was made three years ago that they did not even have a name for it. They referred to it as just "a cake." The traditional north-eastern Polish chimney cake is different (scroll down, on the left):


      > that it came
      > about because of "{marketing of the grill-ovens". My friend
      > was given a wooden "Pin", by a woman who bakes the trdelnik
      > in Skalice and he would really like to make it but has no oven
      > to put it in.  We wonder if it cannot be made in a rotisserie
      > oven??

      Now that trdelnik is becoming somewhat better known in Slovakia, some bake it in the oven at home. They wind it around an alufoil-covered rolling pin. A rotisserie oven with a thick pin might work too, if not better (the one in the video baked-roasted it in ca. 10 minutes). A bigger problem appears to be the dough, which needs to be raised, but falls off the spit if it is not sufficiently dense at the same time.

      Of course, aficionados of the "true" trdelnik are horrified. It needs to be baked-roasted over the coals. The roasting takes about 15-20 minutes.

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