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32245Re: Video on Chimney Cakes

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  • votrubam
    Oct 2, 2011
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      > The "flisacy" are like the Skalicky trdelnik

      I'm not sure they'd like to hear that, Vilko. The video does not say what the guy may call the cake. _Flisacy_ means "rafters" in Polish. A man in a rafters'/local folk outfit makes the cake in the video, but of course, most local rafters have not been making deserts. They supplement their income from other jobs by taking people down the Dunajec on wooden rafts (it would be hard to make one's living year round with that as one's only or main job).

      The chimney cake is a fledgling, very recent, import to the region (Szczawnica in Poland, about half a mile north of the Slovak border), made possible by the marketing of the grill-ovens the guy in the video uses to make it, but if it takes off, it can surely be refashioned into a "traditional local specialty" in a decade or two, e.g., like trdelnik is ubiquitous and "traditional" all over Prague's touristy downtown now, while it was nonexistent there and much of the Czech Reupblic (as well as Slovakia) merely a decade or two ago.

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