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32145Re: [Slovak-World] Re: Contacting Long Lost Slovak Relatives

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  • Milan Olle
    Sep 9 12:09 PM
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      Martin, I come to you with my hat in my hands. I seek the wisdom of the Pittsburg Slovaks when I ask: When did the Germans invade the Vrbove area of Czechoslovakia? Please don't make me ask three times. I already think you've been living to close to the steel mills for too long. Thanks again for the back ground info on maco! It was very intresting.
      Vilo, I get any and all variations of pronounciations of Milan. I really didn't like it when Disney came out with the movie Mullan. Kids are Ruthless. Though entertaining!
      I thought I was the only Milan on the planet until I went to college and Started meeting other Milans that were Yugoslavian. Then on one of my trips to Slovakia I visited the town of Illava. It seemed as if everyother person was named Milan. Even one person who's name was Emil. Prefered to be called Milan.
      A little funny fact about North Americans: When I was growing up politically we were known as Czechoslovaks or the Czechs. I encountered Many that didn't know what or where that was. I was often refered to as the stupid German or that dam Rusky. No one seemed to know or care where Czechoslovakia was. It was no use educating them either.
      I just want to add that I am not overly concerned about when the Germans invaded Vrbove. I was trying to narrow down the time frame of when the Madzos left so it may ring a bell with someone who was in Vrbove when they left. Can I have a blue star?
      It's hard to work for bread!

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      > Poland, Belgium, France etc etc

      You didn't ask the original question, Nick, and you know the answers to the above although you don't provide them. I'll wait for Milan to clarify what target area/country he had in mind when he said "in May 1938 when the Germans invaded."


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