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  • William C. Wormuth
    Sep 2, 2011
      Kúty, Western Slovakia, has a population of 4200.  There are many families who have the same last name but are not related.  for that reason, they have an additional name, (Nickname), to distinguish the families.  For example:
      Valachovic~ - Bec~anek, Gajdos~,  Kuc~erka, Karoly, Harenka, Hurby, Majc~in, Vachaja, etc.  

      Can you imagine going there for the first time and stopping to ask someone if they know where S~tefan Valachovic~ lives??

      Z Bohom


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      That is not as strange as you might think. Especially if your ancestors are from a small town in Slovakia. Mine come from two, geographically close towns where there seem to have been only about 6 surnames and 10 first names per gender. So I have cases like a couple having twins named Adam and Eva. Then, Adam had twins and named them Adam and Eva. Or Michal Maco married Anna Filo, had a son named Michal Maco who went on to marry an Anna Filo. There are some women whose surname didn’t change after marriage (e.g. Anna Maco married Juraj Maco). If it hadn’t been for some really good church records I don’t know that we’d ever have gotten them straight.

      Michelle Maco Mader
      Cleveland, Ohio USA

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      Thank you!!
      His name was Shondre (Shonder) Gress. He came over when he was 2 yrs old. His mother was Beulah Gress..or maybe Julia, but she was known here as Beulah and she was married to a Mike Gress. Not sure if she married him here or over seas. Some family says that she was married to a Mike Gress before she immigrated and he died...and she married another Mike Gress. Strange as that sounds! They came over and lived in the Pleasant City, Ohio area as coal miners.

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