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32089RE: [Slovak-World] Re: Easter ?Cheese?

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  • igiles
    Aug 25, 2011
      Joe, my mother made the same cheese at Easter. I remember she added a few
      whole cloves, too. The sweetness balanced the saltiness of the ham. As I
      became more aware, I became a vegetarian and would eat the horseradish/beet
      mixture on the cheese as my Easter meal. I can still smell the sweet aroma
      of the cheese to this day.. - Inez (in Melk, Austria looking at the gold and
      metal-embroidered vestments at the Abbey and on her way back to Bratislava
      on Sunday).

      Just as an FYI, I just read it was the Slavs who settled in Melk. I had no
      idea. Sometimes it boggles my mind when I realize how much it is I don't

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      My Grandmother (Hungarian) always made it at Easter time. We knew it as
      "Sweet Cheese". Essentially it is eggs, milk, & sugar. We always used to
      argue over who got to drink the "milk" that was left. Sweet Cheese always
      went well with the Ham at Easter time.

      Joe Krehlik

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