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32080Re: [Slovak-World] Searching for Stefanik

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  • BJLK@aol.com
    Aug 22, 2011
      Thank you so much for sharing this link. It brings back so many happy
      memories. Chicago Slovaks of my generation were very much aware of General
      Milan Stefanik.

      When I was a child growing up in Chicago, my Slovak Sokol lodge's gymnasium
      was housed in a beautiful building called Stefanikova Dvorana, which was
      dedicated to the memory of this important Slovak hero. The building was
      also one of the important Slovak cultural centers of its time where we saw
      many divadlo performances on its fully equipped theater stage, choral and
      orchestral concerts, Sokol verejnie, and many other important Slovak events of
      that time. In addition to its auditorium, the building housed meeting
      rooms, two professional kitchens, and two bars, which made it an attractive
      place for weddings, banquets, dance parties, or other important anniversaries
      and celebrations. (The auditorium stage was large enough to accommodate a
      fairly large orchestra.)

      Unfortunately, the building was used for fewer and fewer occasions as
      social customs changed and Slovaks began dispersing among the newly sprawling
      Chicago suburbs. It fell into disrepair and stood abandoned for several
      years. During this sad time, it became a sanctuary for homeless squatters who
      finally destroyed it completely by setting fires to keep warm. One of
      these fires damaged the structure so badly that it was razed--only a vacant lot
      now remains.

      Like another well-known Slovak meeting place about a mile away, Pilsen
      Park, the Stefanikova Dvorana is now just another beloved piece of
      local-Chicago Slovak history.

      Moje spomienky na detstvo . . .

      B. J.

      B. J. Licko-Keel (_BJLK@..._ (http://BJLK@.../) )

      In a message dated 8/21/2011 10:23:03 P.M. Central Daylight Time,
      tharmon63@... writes:

      I wonder how many Slovaks in North America know who Stefanik is and how
      important he was to Slovaks worldwide. I certainly didn't until recently.


      Tonya Harmon

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