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31668Re: Gbely households

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  • votrubam
    May 2, 2011
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      > how the R and L and C and z and CZ changed

      Those are two separate things. The variation among -c, -z, and -cz is of little concern. In Central Europe, a name was a name based on its pronunciation. The way it was spelled did not matter as much, because there were various spelling systems to use. The three endings can readily stand for the same sound [-ts].

      In other words, it did not matter whether a name was spelled, e.g., C~uba, Csuba, Czuba, Tschuba, it was still the same name. The four spellings represented the same name in different spelling systems (in this instance, Slovak, Hungarian, Polish, German).

      It's the r--l switch that is unclear, although not unimaginable.

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